Analytical Studies/Assistance

Cost/Benefit Analyses

Redevelopment agencies frequently need to conduct investigations, financial and otherwise, to determine the cost and/or advisability of pursuing a particular course of action.  DHA Consulting has considerable experience performing investigations and analyses and possesses an outstanding ability to organize an analysis, conduct the necessary research, and modify the components, if necessary, to reflect the availability of information, and complete the analysis.  Dozens of these types of research projects have been completed including such varied efforts as preparing a fiscal impact analysis for proposed major developments, evaluations of the impact of new legislation, evaluations of real estate disposition alternatives, and the cost/benefits associated therewith, and numerous other special studies.

Preparations of Technical Reports

Redevelopment agencies frequently desire assistance in the preparation of technical reports, staff reports and other memorandum.   DHA Consulting has extensive experience in preparing technical as well as staff reports for numerous redevelopment agencies.  Recent projects include revising Implementation Plans and Summary Financial Reports to more user-friendly formats for a client city, while still meeting legal/administrative requirements.

Budgeting and Other Financial Documentation

DHA Consulting is available to assist cities and redevelopment agencies in the preparation of the annual budget, and such other financial document preparation as may be necessary and appropriate.  Diane Hadland gained extensive experience in budget preparation through serving for three years as the Budget and Finance Officer in the City of Culver City.