Financial Planning

Careful planning is the key to a financially predictable municipal entity or redevelopment agency.  Planning efforts are facilitated by reliable revenue projections and expenditure forecasts that extend beyond the time frame of a typical budget.  These projections are most useful when incorporated into a multi-year cash flow that compares revenues and expenditures on both an annual and overall basis.  Additionally, specific funding strategies often need to be developed for major planned projects.

Diane Hadland has prepared estimates of municipal revenues, including tax increment revenues, for numerous redevelopment agencies.  Often, these projections are summarized and compared to expenditures to determine the Agency’s projected future cash flow.  DHA Consulting previously assisted redevelopment agency staff in the City of Commerce in developing their own cash flow model.  Cash Flow analyses were previously completed by Diane Hadland for the redevelopment agencies of numerous cities including Riverside, Anaheim, Long Beach, Culver City, Watsonville, Oceanside, Orange, San Mateo and San Diego.