Regulatory Compliance

Various laws and regulations require that a number of reports be prepared and filed on a regular basis.  These reports, while important, are frequently tedious to prepare.  In addition, the requirements keep changing as new regulations are adopted. 

DHA Consulting services include the preparation of a wide range of regulatory reports.  Examples of reports prepared by DHA Consulting include implementation plans, statements of indebtedness and summary financial reports required for land disposition (pursuant to Section 33433 of the Community Redevelopment Law). 

Diane Hadland has extensive experience in reviewing methodologies and procedures for redevelopment agencies throughout the state and has provided comprehensive reviews of all procedures for the redevelopment agencies of Watsonville, Long Beach, Anaheim Riverside and Culver City.  In addition, DHA Consulting recently assisted the Riverside Redevelopment Agency revising its procedures for the processing of land disposition efforts to eliminate unnecessary processes and duplications, and to simplify written reports.